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Weclipimage is an international outsource graphic design firm. Our all system, website is very much user friendly & you can use smoothly our web API, FTP & others necessary things. Once ready a job to process just sent us over register our website or FTP etc & relax. We will be back with your done files within your expected turnaround time . You can also use some third party download & upload option, which are www.dropbox.com or www.wetransfer.com.

Step 1:
Upload your job to our server after registration and login by your email id and password & let us know via email with your instruction & relax. Here you have to mention & select some option for make your job error free, which are.

  • Which service do you need to get back.
  • Clipping path with original background.
  • Clipping path on pure white background.
  • Clipping path on transparent layer with PSD/TIF/PNG file format.
  • Clipping path on white background with natural/Drop shadow.
  • Background removal service with PSD/TIF/PNG file format.
  • Image masking & sent back to me PSD/TIF/PNG file format.
  • Image composite/Neck joint/Combo service.
  • Image retouching service.
  • Others (If you have your own requirement just sent us via email or website, we will process as you want).

  • Step 2:
    Once upload your job via FTP or Third party option, just let us know via email with your expected turnaround time & instruction. After download your job, we will let you inform the total price for this job & after get your approval, we will start work on your job.

    Step 3:
    After complete your job, we will let you know or make the payment to our PayPal for payment (If you are not in our monthly billing cycle) & after get your payment, we will sent your done files via short download link or FTP server. If you will get any difficulties in any file, we will re work till your satisfaction without any charge.
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    100+ Image Specialist

    We have around 100+ expert graphic designers who work here 7 days in a week. They are very much expert in Adobe Photoshop, Clipping Path, Image Masking, Image Retouching, Shadowing, 3D Neck Joint/Invisible man service. Our highly skilled Photoshop professionals are ready for the any complexity level jobs, no matter how high the volume of images.

    Facilities you will get

    Personal Support

    We are here for 24/7/365 days also available on Sunday a dedicated team always ready to assist you.

    100+ Image Specialist

    We have a large team, who can process any amount of images within your expected turn around time.

    Low Price

    We are offering very low price! Our starting price is only $0.30. We also have monthly billing system.

    Fast Delivery

    If you have any urgent work, just give us your files and relax, we will process your image within your expected time.